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Traditional Kitchen

A classical kitchen complete with all the elements to give you that golden era experience. Be it the Georgian era of 18th century with Federal style designs, the Neoclassical Victorian and Edwardian style of the 19th century, the modish Regency and Italianate designs or the American and European designs of the early 20th century, we have done it all. The decorated furnishings, molding and trim are complemented with elegant cabinets in cherry, walnut and mahogany. The antique fixtures and appliances are sure to give your kitchen a conventional touch.

Not just the regal but we also infuse the rustic charm of a countryside farm kitchen in our designs. Therefore, apart from Old World Formal, we offer unique designs in Farmhouse Informal complete with wooden counter tops, scraped wooden flooring and farm style sinks.

Our skilled craftsmen are well versed in traditional designs and architecture to give you the rich experience of a classic kitchen that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.