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Two-toned Custom Kitchen Cabinets - A trend catching up fast in Toronto

It’s a conventional notion to have the kitchen cabinets of the same color scheme, contrasting with maybe the curtains, countertops, or even the walls. What’s interesting is the emerging new trend of two-toned Custom Kitchen Cabinets Toronto. It just expands the possibilities as far as kitchen remodeling goes. When you have a new variable at hand, the combinations are endless and you can do more with what you have with you. There are certain patterns which have been implemented beautifully by Woodbridge Kitchen, Toronto and we couldn’t just get an eyeful.

  • The base cabinets were painted a darker shade while the wall cabinets were painted a lighter shade of the same palette.
  • The base and wall cabinets of one wall contrasted with the base and wall cabinets of the other wall.
  • Glass door cabinets were painted a soothing shade of white whereas the ones without glass were painted in a dark color. In this case particularly, it was ash grey.
  • Alternating pattern. Alternating cabinets were painted with contrasting colors creating a very playful ambience.

Ways to do Two-toned Custom Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

Clients who often go for contemporary kitchen have either had a lot saved up for the job or it's mostly a part of the complete home renovation. Granite kitchen countertops most commonly correspond to contemporary kitchens. Granite is surely expensive but it's seen as a one-time investment. But what's more interesting is the shape of the countertops. But most importantly it's famous because of its ease of maintenance, low thermal conductivity and looks to kill for. Our usual rectangles and ovals go out of the window when it comes to a contemporary kitchen. You might find a semicircular countertop or a one in which there is proper demarcation into cutting and serving areas through a high and low platform. The possibilities become endless.

There are many ways in which you can achieve this look for your kitchen.

  • The most obvious method is by painting plain wooden cabinets in contrasting colors recommended by your cabinet makers.
  • If you’re using wooden cabinets, you can use woods having different natural color and texture. Like using maple with mahogany. Or mahogany with amber.
  • You can use different materials. Like steel base cabinets combined with soft colored wooden wall cabinets. Or wood with laminates for a better range of color and texture.
  • Laminates offer a wider possibility of customization. If you dare to get a bit more experimental with the color scheme of the cabinets, we’d say you go with laminates.

Benefits of Two-toned Custom Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

  • It gives an extraordinary look and feel to your kitchen. Something that’s missing in the conventional way of going with the monochromatic cabinets.
  • It lets you mold your kitchen according to the budget you have in hand. You can try two different materials for base and wall cabinets without it looking like an absurd assortment.
  • Just changing the colors of your existing cabinets according to the two color scheme, you can make a huge difference there itself. And that too without changing wall color and countertop.

If you wish to make the most of it, Woodbridge Kitchen are the pioneers of this trend in Toronto. You’ll be amazed at how this simple change will transform your kitchen.