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Kitchen Pantry Ideas in the limited Available Space

When you are designing Custom Kitchen Burlington, designing a pantry is often overlooked. Pantry is an important part of a kitchen that lets you store your kitchen supplies in a well organized manner. If you are low on kitchen space, there are chances you'll wave it away. Well, there's no need to do that anymore with these innovative, quirky custom kitchen cabinet ideas. Now you can enjoy your pantry without compromising on space. And there are ways to make it more beautiful as well.

Pantry Behind Doors :

You got more stuff but a packed up pantry says no? Make compartments at the back of pantry doors to provide more room for additional bottles and jars. It doesn't cost much and is a great way to add more in little space.

Unusual Pantry Locations:

Have you got an overlooked store room under your staircase, serving no purpose at all? There is no reason why you can't transform it into a beautiful pantry. I got a store room just like that. I consulted Woodbridge Kitchen, the custom kitchen cabinet makers in Burlington, and they came up with an excellent design to create a utilitarian and stylish pantry in that limited space. So, a pantry need not be inside the kitchen only.

Turn hidden spaces into beautiful storage area :

A sliding drawer that can be fitted in the empty space beside your refrigerator. Who would have thought that? It is a very ingenious and creative idea to turn idle, useless spaces into storage units.

DIY Storage Racks :

You can get metal shelving units at a nearby store which you can assemble at home. Not quite a lovely view but that solves your storage problem in a cost effective way.

These ideas can surely help you organize your kitchen in a better way.