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Things to keep in mind before getting Custom Bathroom Vanities Vaughan

Bathroom vanities Vaughan are a great way to add style and utility to this very important part of our house. Many new styles have emerged that have accentuated the storage space, like double vanities. You can even get these custom made to harmonize with the rest of the furniture. Intricate or simple, modern or traditional, bathroom vanities look great in any design and style that you prefer.

However, there are some basic things you must lay emphasis on before you go furniture shopping. Especially bathroom vanities that are different from the rest of your furniture in terms of use and thus, different specifications are required. Bathroom setting itself presents some distinct challenges. Little things such as humid environment, frequent contact with water, tiny moisture droplets on the wood surface can cause much harm in the long run. Bathroom vanities by Woodbridge kitchen in Vaughan are known to withstand the roughest of conditions. Therefore, it’s important to consider a few things before you finalize a piece.

Go for solid hardwood anytime:

You can go for MDF if you want to get made a furniture piece for living room or bedroom but not for bathroom vanities and patio furniture.

Solid hardwood is most preferred for bathroom cabinets. There are many reasons for that. Firstly, the presence of natural resins in hardwood give them a natural protection from moisture and water. Apart from that, solid hardwood is extremely durable and can withstand extreme wear and tear. It is less susceptible to cracks and breaks. You can go for maple or oak for the purpose.

Low V.O.C sealers:

V.O.C or volatile organic compounds are used in paints and waterproofing sealers. However, if you’re going for sealant application, choose only the ones with a Low V.O.C content. More the presence of V.O.C, more toxics are released in the environment which can cause respiratory disorders. Therefore, go for low V.O.C compounds as sealers.

Vanity design:

Bathroom vanity must be designed in a way that the base comes in less contact with the bathroom floor. This is to save the furniture from being splashed with water and also to facilitate cleaning from below the cabinets. Legs should be long so that any water accumulating beneath could be cleaned off properly. Go for a double vanities if you want more storage space. Otherwise, you can keep the design minimalistic and simple.

Vanity placement:

Vanity must be placed in a place that’s out of reach of showerhead and basin. Keep the back away from wall and corners for better cleaning and to avoid water standing.

These are a few things to keep in mind before you get your bathroom vanity. We are well known custom cabinet makers in Vaughan and also specialize in bathroom vanities.